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About Custom Materialize Download

This website allows you to customize your MaterializeCSS before you download based on the most stable version.

Check enable the Sass modules you wish to download and use in your project and press the "Download Custom" button.

Which Materialize Version?

Any custom CSS downloaded from here is from the latest stable release of MaterializeCSS. A cron task updates the local repo everyday, ensuring your custom builds are always the freshes, latest and most stable.

What Modules are included by default?

By default, the packages below are added to every custom build you make. Without them, the build might break. Default included modules are:

  • @import "components/prefixer";
  • @import "components/mixins";
  • @import "components/color";
  • @import "components/variables";
  • @import "components/normalize";
  • @import "components/global";
  • @import "components/icons-material-design";
  • @import "components/typography";

Any additional checkboxes you enable will be added to the above variables.

Why are Custom Builds important?

Minimal features and file size: Perhaps you are interested in using Material Design for a your site, but do not want to overwhelme your design with unnecessary aspects of MaterializeCSS such as buttons or forms.

Building specifically to target these needs ensures you end up with a minimal file size, and less CSS conflicts within your project.

I always enjoy using Foundation for Sites Custom project downloader. I enjoy using Materialize CSS, so in order to help me build custom CSS files easily for my projects in a GUI manner, I 'Weekend-thon' this Material Custom website.

I hope you might find this useful. Any feedback or feature requests? Please email me below.